Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Learn thru mistake/s ...

Nak catit hal semalam semalam semalam 3 hari lepas tak tercatit2 pun. Alaaa.. catitan syok sendiri afdal dibaca kendian hari ketika mendodoikan cucu, hic! Kalau ada PA, mintak dia aje catitkan diary of events tapi macamlah life I nih happening sesangat? haha... *gelak 1 harkat*

Balik dari hantar T ke SA, mood 'malas balik rumah' menyerlah so I headed to the land of Giant (LOG). Lately doing grocery shopping there is a breeze esp on Monday morning as literally no human being was in sight (exaggerate sket), no dinosaur long queue like before and surely there's no collision between trolleys, heheh.

I amat terer manouvering the trolley at nook n corners even when LOG was full of people and trolleys. I managed pwetty well not to hit anything in sight, let alone hitting other trolleys.

Since I could pandu the trolley so handal maka my level of confidence (LOC) suddenly shot up and I said it out loud to TB that if I could manouver a trolley, I could also drive a car "you think I can drive as well or not?". His answer made my LOC meletop2 kalah bunyi mercun sambut tahun baru Lebit (kata2 semangat from T n jiran senasib did play a big role too. Well, this needs another entry kekdahnya).

Of course everyone (hic) knew that I had my driving license at an age almost reaching my twilight years. When I sat for the tests, be it on the road or in class, majority of the attendees could very well be my children, hehehaha no joke, I'm serious. Apa taknya, I sat for the test about the same time as D where majority of the attendees were SPM school leavers. I told D he ought to pass as he is young "Umi takpe sebab Umi dah tu....err" <- lame alasan kah?

I nih digress memanjang. Ada aje stale story to tell. OK back to the initial story then ...

14 years ago this LOG komain gah lagi but now dah lemau n lesu maybe for the fact Mydyn is just next door n also there's another LOG branch nearby (memandai aje I justify for them). Anyway, there are 2 new food stalls selling drinks and light snacks only. All the other tenants have 'migrated' else where except 2-3, one of which is our friend's shop selling IT peripherals - Uncle, Auntie n son (yang sangat double F .. friendly @ feramah).

Hari tu terjawab soklan yang sekian lama bermain teng2 diminda. Kalau betullah apa yang didengar (I happened to eavesdrop ...), LOG will soon be closing down for business soon due to 'supermarket make over'. No wonder they have started selling at reasonable price some of the household items such as rice cookers, air purifier, microwaves, small ovens and the lots. Did I buy any? Nope but I rasa bangga giler boleh menepis godaan shython, yeayy!!

Dah penat berjalan mana ada tenaga nak masak bagai, kan? Neverrr mind if I have bought all the perishable goods as I could easily chuck them in the fridge so tapau food for lunch was a brilliant idea, hehe. Done that, I headed straight home. Dah tiba depan rumah tapi tak nak keluar dari keta lagi sebab nak baca sms dalam keta yang masih dingin (nak tinjau Alkisah sebenarnya, kih3).

Belum sempat baca apa2 I felt the car jerked once. Heyy.. watsrong? I quickly kept the hp in my h'bag and abruptly potel the car key but the key remain 'locked'. Aduh, duhx5 but alhamdulillah as I was right in front of my house! Taklah takot sangat (cuma takot if TB upset aje, huwaaaa).

What actually happened? What did I do wrong and what did I do to solve the mystery? (I was already into my element being that woman in Murder She Wrote with my assisstant Inspector D). The mystery was resolved in no time at all by who else but no thanks to me n my assistant though tried as we might, we didn't see the ray of light coming from the gear box, huwaaa... hampeh!

The AAM guy did come within 45 mts as promised but when he arrived, TB told him "dah ok dah, timakasih". Sori AAM guy, jangan serik eh? datang lagi bebila dapat my s.o.s. ok?

Have I learned something out of the hullaballoo? hiihiihiii ... dush! dush! BTW, sila jamah my tiramisu ala novice (2nd attempt).


DeLancrettLurpak said...

itu cik som kata ala novice!! ciss!! lom tgk saya punya tiramisu.. ala-ala orang yg terpaksa beli buku dessert-for-dummies tauu!!!

zarin said...

i dah lama tk ke LOG tuh..area rumah i tkdak LOG tuh..
oh oh tima kasih la sudi pelawa tiramiss u tu ye ;-)

Maya Marisa said...

Cik Som,
jemput mkn skali...i malu nak makan sorangX2...hehehe
p/s: kalau ada lebih, bole mintak cik som anta ke opis maya esok? :)

somuffins said...

I'm a novice still but when I see your Congo bars, wow! mcm pro. chef yang buat. Psst.. buat tiramisu is fun fun fun! Almaklum selalu jer menderhaka pada resipi, haha.

Sebut LOG cam Loch(ness) plak ek? Niway, sedap tak my tira miss u?

A big portion dah selamat I hantar to my sister's house. Ada balance sikit nih, meh I give you a slice. You pi buat kopi, k?

Ribbon Clown said...


lama I tak buat tiramisu.. tunggu fav brand mascaporne sale.. huhu

cian AAM guy tu..abt the same kes ng mak I ni..rescuer blom nak sapai, tp problem dah solve hehe..

tp ni pasal kambing..time kambing dia hilang, sibuk cari, tak jumpa..last2 tipon polis..

sapai je polis tu kat depan rumah, mak I trus spot kambing tu kat laman umah, yelah, polis sapai, sambut depan umah kan..baru lah nmpk kambing tu kat laman..

cerita sebenar:mak I bawak turun sekor kambing dari kandang kt atas, tambat kat depan laman..nak kasik ubat cirit ke ape..haha pastu lupa kambing tu kat situ hehe

polis dtg geleng je kepala.hehe

byk lagik kes camni ng mak I..bomba dtg, tp ular dah mati, tak sempat bomba nak save ular tu.. hehe

Ok2..pjg citer..pls forgive me pjg citer psl kambing haha..I miss my mom kot.. :)

somuffins said...

I think mak you boleh sekapal selam dgn I, hehe.. tapi I takde kambing. Tengoklah bila I dah pindah duduk kampong, I might bela one or two ekor kambing gurun.

I pernah panggil bomba masa kucing terperangkap atas pokok. Tak sampai seminit bomba datang, terkedek2 kucing tu terjun menjunam kebumi. Thanks but no thanks to the bomba guys.

p/s: I pun suka komen berjela2, ngeheheh..