Sunday, 27 February 2011

Julie n Julia ...

Dear Emily

As suggested by you, I'm now watching Julie n Julia, hehe. Thank you. Imagine me watching the movie while typing this, texting you some more and being a 'mek gyver' to give a TLC to my washing machine which opts to be ngengada *pap*.

Julie n Julia .. could they be us? hahahaa... I am fond of Julia as she is very mischievous n funny.

Julie is a blogger, just like us, ehem. Do you remember what her husband said when they had a fight? "don't write it on your blog". "Write what?" .. "write about us fighting!!" .. kihkihkih..

You told me just now that you were having nasi beriani for lunch. *deep sigh* If only you could tapau some for me, my Sunday would be wonderful! :-)

Somehow you've given me an idea to cook a one-dish meal. What better way to cook than to use everything instant? Work smart and not work hard? hehe whateva!

I've no stock of basmathi rice left but that won't be a deterrant. Thai rice is good enough and I make do with what I could find hidden in the crisper/freezer. I added some tomatoes, red n green chillies to the rice to enhance its taste. Walla!

I cooked beef korma', fried some papadom and made that easy peasy tomato salad. Who's complaining? Surely not me. I am one satisfied customer, hehe.

My sympathy to that cream cheese. It has been in and out of the fridge for umpteenth time. Expiry date will be this May and that sponge fingers have been 'staying alive' in the fridge for more than a year now. Oh Tira, I miss you .. please come to big momma!

... and this one, GordonRomzi tengok pun pengsan! kahkahkah .. the idea came at the spur of the moment (kreatip kan?). Ndja brought n naturally bought those pithang goreng a few days ago. I was in the mood to be a food stylist pencen. The sauce isn't maple syrup but diluted palm sugar jer.

Do try that combo, sedap taw ...


Anonymous said...

Dear Julia,

I'm loving this moment... my reply will follow suit.

Much love,

emily...with a small 'e'! ;)

kayteeze said...

Kita ketinggalan.
Sat lagi nak google citer tu.

zarin said...

i love julie n julia..err actually i created my cooking blog tu rite after i menonton julie n julia for the times kot..hahaha hover kan i nih :D

btw, i slalu order pithang gor w ice cream kat madam kwan..sedap uu.. and owh if u happen to makan at serai kat empire tu, memang dorang serve pithang gor w palm sugar n ice cream..waaa kagum arrr creative sungguh u ni

somuffins said...

eMILY *with small e*
You make my day too, auww..

Cepaaaaat .. nanti citer tu habis!

Kisahnya ... you got the idea from J&J. My 1st time watching that movie, hehe. Kat Serai ada serve pithang gor w palm sugar? Oooo.. I dono cos kat situ I cubak pavlova jer. For sure I will try one day.

Moi creative? Waduh2, gue blushed to the max nih. I am nothing compared to you n the rest but tq all the same *malu aaah*

ahkakbatik said...

CS... me no spik englis...

DeLancrettLurpak said...

sebab citer Julie and Julia ye la, I teringin nak makan beef bourguignon,

kretip sungguh u! you know what, there is one chinese cafe here yg jual the same goreng pisang like yours.. tapi dia pakai air gula putih aje la.. tapi u lagi advance la CikSom,hehehhe

3E said...

Waduh2...gara2 penangan J&J..Aunty Som punya post hari ni macam food blog la...hebat2..(clap 5x)...keep it up ya Aunty Som!

Aunty Som, I terlalu obses dengan J&J tu, sampaikan 5 kali dok ulang tengok movie tuu....sadis 'kan...anyway,
I wish I can cook like them...:-))

somuffins said...

Me oso no spik englis, me spik javanis. Ada owang tu no spik englis but she reads Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Well.. mmg nak kena cubit dia tu taw..

Tak ku sangka ramai yang terkesima lepas tengok J&J. I plak yang tertinggal bullet train. Ekceli sejak berblogging, I kurang layan watching movies on Astro.
Sometimes I mmg kreatip, other time I am plain kreaTIPU, huhu..

Sesungguhnya you mmg sadis, hehe. Semua orang bersemangat lepas tengok J&J. Memang best kan?? Terbayang kuali2 comel dia yang bergantongan tu..

3E said...

Aunty Som...
I memang sadis....teringin benar nak dapur macam si Julie tu.....complete!...dan semua gadget2 cooking & baking dia...I rasa nak tido kat dapur je....
azam bulan Mac 2011 dan sampai tak tahu bila...nak kumpul pitih sbb nak dapur yang sangat cantik!!!...hihihihihihihi

Rima said...

Cik Som
I teringat waktu first time my hb told me abt this movie.. he watched it kat aeroplane.. he said he teringat kan i cos i love to cook and bake and i hv a blog.. so si bini dia dgn cepat pi watch itew movie.. ever since then tak tahu dah berapa byk kali pi tengok cerita tu.. dari movie tu baru keluar wayang sampai lah sekarang.. baru one week ago i watch it lagi.. shiok lah cerita J&J ni..

Ape kata u whip itew cheese and use ur lady finger tmrw.. buat ok..

somuffins said...

Azam tahun 2011 bermula bulan Mac, bukan mula bulan Januari ke? hehe.. Takpe, slow2 kompol lama2 jadi bukit (Kepong) :-)

Many were smitten by that movie. Maybe sebab apa yg diorang buat dekat dihati kita. I pun nak tengok lagi sekali untuk menjiwai watak lebih mendalam, kah3.
That cream cheese, I'll try my very best :-)

Ribbon Clown said...

Salam CS,

Br nak terjebak ng blog u ni hehe.. trus hook okay.. trus belek2 depan blkg ;p

I pun suka citer J& dr tenet and still simpan lam HD ;p suka tgk lagi2 time mood masak low..

somuffins said...

Waalaikumussalam Ribbon Clown
Thanks for dropping by dan lebih thanks sebab menyapa I *sambil senyum kambing yg dah mandi*

Semua pempuan anggun suka J&J tu rupanya. I baru 1st time tengok n that makes me not anggun, haha.