Sunday 4 April 2010

Shopping on Saturday without plastic bags ...

Woke up at 5am. Aaargh.. but what's so heran about that? Dah biasa terjaga kul 3, 4 pagi punn.. BUT today is different. When TB goes to work in the morning, I am not supposed to wake up before him as per our MOU (signed n sealed when we just got married, mueheheh) exempting me from waking up as early as he is just to make his morning coffee. I've been abiding all rules made by TB (tssk.. rules yang menyenangkan, I abidelah. Tak gitu?).

Since dah terjaga tu, niatnya memang nak pura2 tidor - golek2 dulu until I hear TB's alarm clock wailing memecah kesunyian pagi but can't do, terus *toing*! Just remember there was no hot water in the flask for him to make his morning coffee. Normally bibik would fill up the flask with hot water before she goes to slumberland but maybe because she thinks esok masih ada mentari, so? can wait whaat. Anyway, this bibik aka 'who else' is no ordinary bibik okay? ehem!
No point golek2 so I bulleting (read: meluru cam peluru) to the kitchen. Boiled some water, warmed up the leftover food -> chic rendang, pengat labu n spinach soup. I have eaten spinach quite a lot yesterday so assume I have that extra energy to fight off 'Brutus' in whatever form it may appear, insyaallah. I then toasted some breads for TB's bekal. Normally I stingily bekalkan 3 pieces but today tergenerous pulak, 4. Hahahai, mesti ada apa2 ...

Psst.. need to complain about that bibiklah. Not sure whether she is plain lazy or what! For as long as her tuan besar brings bekal to the office, she would only 'selet' the toasts either with jam n butter, peanut butter, honey n butter, or just butter (as per TB's request, it has to be Golden Churn. Ngada jer).

When her mood pasang yet to surut, she would either put some hot dogs, seketul dua burgers or she would make roti telur using that instant paratha. Not long after that, she reverts to the same old thing again UNTIL her tuan besar says "dah jemu with blablabla tapi kalau dapat blablabla.. best!" Alaahai, awat tuan tak habaq?? If TB jemu eating those same-o-same-o, don't you think the bibik feels the same?? You bet! That blablabla is actually any sambal or anything that enhances his nafsu appetite. Since then, TB's breakfast box has maju setapak (maka perlulah dinaikkan gaji sibibik aka 'who else' itew).

Hoping that TB enjoys his snacks today - toasted bread with thick rendang gravy (minus pieces of chicken). Dia tak minat makan ayam 'digulai' so he asked me "you masak sendiri ke?" (kalau beli punya, dia bolayan).

Hal semalam .. Saturday. Teh, Ndja, SIL and I were invited by Ngah to come along memeriahkan acara shopping for some materials. Early planning in lieu of her son's wedding. Normally the owner of the majlis would have a color theme so we asked Ngah what's her color theme like. Ngah as usual "pakai sebarang ajelaaah, hehe .. but for sure I berdua pakai rona sama.. hahaha". According to Ngah's PA aka Ndja, the colors are turquoise, shades of green and purple/lavendar for respective majlis (nikah and reception).

Did I join them? Your guess is as good as mine .. No I did not as KL is very (very) far, tssk.. tssk (though Ndja was kind enough to offer me a lift). How could I go when I have errands to run and 'hati tatak cinang'. Before verooom to SA to pick Puteri Hang Za Li, I went to the nearby grocery shop and also pay a visit to Apek X at his mobile stall to purchase some perishables etc.

Upon reaching home from SA, I detour to the nearest supermarket, still as if I had not done with grocery shopping. Bummer! I've forgotten that some supermarkets do not offer plastic bags on Saturdays. After all the items being scanned through baru teringat and so how did I carry those to the car? -> squids, chicken, meat, mee gemuk, prawns and a few more *sigh*.

My bad of not remembering to bring along a bag or something BUT the look on the cashier's face yang buat I tak tahan ... amat menusuk qalbu! After she had scanned through the tags, she just put on that TAWAR face as if telling me "dah scan, nak tunggu apa lagi?". Prior to this, I did ask the Bangla who weighed the prawns for some old newspaper sheets (maklum kepala udang kan tajam? It might cause some holes to the plastic bag thus whatever liquid that might seeps through it would eventually brought the BESTEST aroma in no time at all .. dalam kereta pulak tu.. oh no).

So professionally (hic!) I gathered all my things using the Nanyang Siang Pau old sheets but I did not angkat kaki immediately as I was watching the lady behind me coping with her things (she borong quite a lot). You know what?? The cashier walked up at the opposite cash register, picked up a paper box and placed it next to the lady. She did that even before she scans through the items belong to the lady.

Apparently the lady didn't use the paper box offered to her as she had brought her own bag. I was wandering.. if the cashier could offer the lady a box, why couldn't she offer me something as well? TN or BH old sheets would do fine.

I agree about the go green thingy but for the benefit of other shoppers esp the forgetful ones, I'd like to suggest to the owner of the mini market to provide some bio-degradable bags sold at reasonable price. It would be the shoppers' prerogative either to remain forgetful yet not minding paying a small amount for the bd bag or just make do using the old newspaper sheets.


Ibu n Abah said...

kak som,
i cukup happy bila baca entry u panjang cenggini... rasa puas baca.. mcm2 al-kisah yg u share dgn kami....
thank u..
i mmg tak suka bila terlupa pergi beli barang2 dapur hari sabtu. tak diberi plastik bag.. kita ni selalu lupa... bila kena cenggitu, rasa grrrrr jer...

CS said...

Akak, bila I tulis panjang lebar, memang I have you in mind, hehe. Kasih diterima dan diharap ia tidak jadi penyebab you asyik berulang alik ke WC tadi. Kesian you.

Rima said...

Kalau kat sini if u didnt take along ur own bag u hv to pay for their plastic bag... or u can buy their recycle bag.. i am one of the forgetful ones eventho i ade recycle bags in the car.. so i usually ended up paying for their plastic bag..

Psst: the recycle bag kat sini ugly lah tak macam kat aust.. macam macam gambar ade.. gambar dora pun ade.. i think i hv like more than 15 recycle bags..

CS said...

Rima, tentunya kita dont mind buying the plastic bag untuk menyenangkan kita juga, kan? Mini market yg I pergi tu 'buat tak tau' aje, tu yg gewam tu (wpun silap sendiri).

Apa kata next week I buat jahat? I pi beli mcm2, lps cashier dah scanned all, I kensel tak jadi beli. Just nak tengok apa diorang nak buat samada offer me a box or what. If all shoppers buat hal cam nih, nescaya mini market tu rugi setiap hari Sabtu.

Recycle bag gambar dora the explorer diimport dari Xiandong kot? Har3..

kak ja said...

Nnt kalau I decide that I perlukan sowang bodyguard, tentunya I terus teringat kat u.. I would somehow prefer Akak Popeye rather than Abg Brutus..

CS said...

Ja, I hanyalah P.I. biasa. Belum amik kursus jadi bodyguard lagi. Caner?