Wednesday 16 July 2008

My TV ..

This is my newly acquired but used Sony Trinitron. Has been with me since November last. Have no idea how long has its owner been using it but so far the tv behaves well (it better be!). Is there any new Trinitron model in the market lately? The answer is Harharhar .. kiahkiahkiah !! (perhaps they are still available in China, India & PJ?).

BTW, (sambil memoncongkan bibir) the pic was taken by its owner at his house weeks before beliau left for .... for... aahhh.. malaslah nak citer.

I just love TV. I bought a 14" black/white with my 1st pay. It was my 1st harta dunia which I cherished so much as it was bought after my keringat diperah. I felt good! Prior to that, my harta dunia are my Pagol watch and National transistor radio, gifts given by Mak and Long resp. soon after I got my form 3 results.

The widest screen that we ever bought was a 16" National. Years later we bought a few of the same kind, a 14" but of variety of other brands. People used to tease (or perli) or dok heran whylah we didnt buy a wider screen tv knowing we can well afford it. I guess takde jodoh/rezeki cos hati tak terbukak nak beli Plasma, Wega or any other flat screen TVs.

Nak berhutang memang boleh, sign or tenyeh aje, but that's not the way we manage our resources. Sometimes simplicity is bliss :-)

P/S: Why do you think I bought the used tv ? Hehe ..


Dentist and Me said...

lawo sungguh sungguh tibi ini. Wa rasa tentu siapa yang beli sangat sangat bertuah.

CheWal said...

Cik Som,

Is it Wega ? Trinitron is the type of tube patented by Sony long time ago and the patent has expired. Now we can see some other brands use trinitron label/technology.

Wega is a chipset in TV and has been used in CRT type and LCD type TV. Bravia is also a chipset and only being used in LCD TV. Wega chipset is not being used anymore.

Anonymous said...

Dentist, ha'ah bertuah sangat2 ada pembeli yg luhur cam wa .. awww.

Thanks for the info CHEWAL (Pssst... let's gossip abt d owner of that tibi..shall we?)