Monday 25 May 2009

i-talk, you talk, we talk ...

Hari ni I heran + geram + upset + sedih + nak nangis (dah pun nangisssss).

Many a time we meant well, we go all out to give nothing but the best, to please the people that matters the most to us, but the result is very upsetting! Fullstop.

OK, beralih ke cerita lain yang lebih menghiburkan .. :-(

I guna i-talk (prepaid) untuk talian fon kat rumah kerana nak berjimat memandangkan semua warga rumah ni dah guna HP. Memang parah kalau bil HP dan bil fon rumah melambung2. Kadang2 terfikir juga why I have to jimat2 cam nih walhal I spent on top-up for both T and I, quite meriah juga but by using the i-talk, it was a transformation for me. A good move!

My HP-zaman-AlleyOop is for me to send text - aktiviti yang membahagiakan I, rohani dan jasmani. Hahaha.. (I tickle my own funny bone there). I guna HP untuk panggilan emergency aje; I KOL restoran murtabak, stall nasi beriani/soto, part-time maid dan Bangla potong rumput (emergency kan tu?). I don't use the HP for long conversation esp if the next party is a robot. You dok tekan macam2 button; 1 for English, 2 for Bahasa, bla3 until your patience is running dry, then only you get to speak with a real human. Buang $, masa dan tenaga.

Actually something bad happened a few years ago that forced me to be so calculative. Setiap musibah ada hikmahnya kan? So I think the hikmah is that it has taught me to be prudent, berbelanja dengan hemah dan bijak. My home phone bill has reduced tremendously from RM1K to RM800 to RM300 and now to only RM10 or 20 with no monthly rental fees. I bahagia.

Aduh jauhnya melAncung.

On 15/5/09 I bought an i-talk at the nearby kiosk but I kept it not wanting to load the credit just yet. Was I gelabah when I realized that some numbers of the CN are missing/not printed on the slip. Da**! I need the CN number to load the credit. What to do? So this evening I asked D to find out from the same kiosk how to go about retrieving the CN.

D was dumbfounded so he let me talk with the staff in-charge at the kiosk.

My faults are:
1. did not countercheck the CN on the slip
2. was late 10 days to make any report (it should be 1 day).

I pun put on my loyar cap. My arguments are:
1. Kat mana tertulis kena buat aduan dalam sehari?
2. My i-talk slip valids for 6 months
3. Silap I tak check slip tu betul2, but then kenapa your staff tak check benda yang sama sedangkan mesin awak yang failed to print properly. Camana 3 digits boleh invisible?
4. I give them an example .. if I buy something which costs rm10.50 but I selamberly hulur rm10 only. Tak ke you check duit yang you dapat dan mintak lebihnya dari I?
5. Selama ni I tak pernah check apa2 slip yang I beli dari tempat you, I juga tak pernah check duit balik yang you beri. It means we have mutual trust.
6. You boleh check memang credit tu intact

D pun kata I salah sebab dah 10 hari baru nak report. Dia kata staff tu bertungkus lumus buat calls to straighten things out but before she gets any response, I ask D to just come home (as I was in a hurry to go to SA. Again?). I told D since the girl gave me goblog excuses "we only have the machine and the numbers come out" (YaAllah ya tuhanku.. lamenya jawapan), maka I just need to make her busy a bit.

At the same time I want D to learn something from this hullabaloo ie not to give up easily. I might not get that RM10 back but I am curious to know the end result of all this. I beritau D takde bezanya kalau I buat aduan dalam sehari atau 10 hari sebab prosidurnya tetap sama.

My dear husband was asking me "how much i-talk tu?". I can easily translate his question which means "dahlah tu, 10 ringgit aje pun". I can let go that RM10 but I am just practising my right. I am very particular where such thing is concerned because old habit dies hard. I was taught and groomed to be like this by ai-be-em. Fracas by the Americans! Ntahlah..

I shall call e-pay tomorrow .. until then .. phaiphai ...


kak ja said...

As a customer, u have the right utk dpt balik ur RM 10.. mmgle RM 10 zaman ni cuma boleh beli belacan seketoi dua, tp still, duit KITA kan?

Tak salah jd org yg a bit calculative, asalkan kita tau had kita.. Kja sdiri pun ngaku, agak calculative orgnya..

CL said...

wa baru tau fungsi i-talk tu... bukan telekom punye eh?

CS said...

Hi KakJa, I bukan nak claim RM10 tu tapi I nak claim validity period yang 6 bulan tu. I nak tengok how they'd handle such case. Sonok nih..

CikLina, yes it's Telekom's. Ramai Bangla/Indon guna i-talk ni sebab depa can talk berjela2 at a cheaper price.

D said...

OMG - what in the whole wide world is this i-talk? nampaknya balik mesia nanti I pun join Bangla/Indon gak la... sama-sama ber-i-talk! LOL!!

CS said...

Hi D, dont fret. i-talk is actually Ring-Ring card which has already been phased out.