Friday 18 March 2011

"A deer enters a village ..."

Just to share my experience going to this marvellous restaurant with a 'supermarket' concept. Last week Ndja n T went there to have breakfast n lunch on the same day. Yup! having meals on the same day at the same restaurant for they were too terkesima with what was being offered there and for some other factors quite unknown to mankind, har3.

So on one fine Wednesday, the 3 LOLs berangkat ke restoran yang hangat diperkatakan. At the entrance outside the restaurant is placed a podium. There stands one or two waiters holding some order forms to pass them on to each customer before entering the restaurant (Teh n I like pandang2 pegang2 jeling2, al-rusa masuk kampong, kiah3). Duh! somehow it got to us that it was a self-service concept kind of restaurant.

We were quite taken aback akin blur2 gitu upon entering the restaurant. Eishh... is this an eating place or a supermarket?? At this juncture, please imagine the kind of supermarket those junior masterchef terkedek2 went to to get their supplies of perishables.

Sangat cool that kind of supermarket, kan? The same goes with this eating place. I love its ambience esp the 'yellow' lighting as I feel at ease. There are a number of stalls catering to our greedy whims n fancies (which I shall not reveal here, ekekekke *gelak dengki sambil membongkok2*) ... again, I shall leave it to your wild colorful imagination, okey??

Teh n I maintained our composure almaklum LOL needs to look cool, calm n collected, ngeheheh. Ndja acted as wakil restoran, ajak kita pusing2 just to look around first and explaining to us how n what to order. After 2 rounds of pusing2 and some Q&A with those chefs responsible at the respective 'food stall', we finally placed our orders, yehaaa.. at last!

We hand in the order form to the chef in charge as and when we make an order, henceforth he/she will rubber stamp it with god-knows-what-code on the form, kah3. Same procedure applies during payment of bills, we just show the same order form to the cashier on our way out for good (the entrance and exit are at 2 different locations).

Fresh fettuccini - mine (!)

Ndja's Roasted chicken, mixed vege n mushroom soup

Teh's Savoury Crepe (mushrooom n chic filling)

Scone & s'berry pie shared among the 3 LOLs, heheh..

Additional desserts: bread pud n strawberry panna cotta

Kita menikmati makanan macam takde hari esok jer. Bukan apa, dah tempat tu jauh maka takdelah nak kesana kerap sangat but I can never be sure esp after Ndja has moved in for good to be my next door neighbour.

Lupa plak, hehe. While indulging on those fresh pasta tetiba pewut menggelodak buat hal. Oh man! Nasib baik just adjacent to where I was sitting there was the washroom. Sepantas jaguh marathon dunia (takde aksi lompat kijang, malu aah) I berdezuuuuup to the WC, and the rest is history!

Alhamdulillah for everything and special thanks to my partner in crime who gave Teh n I a wonderful treat, heee.. Nanti I dapat duit EPF I belanja you berdua ehh??


Lili said...

If you all looked like "deer enter village", I lagi ler jadi "dugong washed up on the shore"...muahahahaha)))

No understanG how the concept of this eating place... But just curious, is it the same one Maria T.Sabri showcased in JJCM few years back? did TB like 'chom's kapkeks'? =))

Sizuka said...


kat mana tempat tu? mcm menarik je. eh! hari tu kan, masa kita sembang2 tu, i was sitting under pokok ketereh, overlooking pokok2 tembakau yang sedang masak ranum daun2 nye :D

k.lili, I miss u! hehe

guess what my word verification is? kintunts, ala2 nama kintut dalam eat pray love :D

Mira Marlena said...

Wah...dahsyat la CS ni..semua tempat makan CS terjah ek?Saya tak boleh nak imagine dekat mana sebenarnya tempat ni..haha (cuba jugak sebenarnya tapi tak dapat)

Patutnya TV3 amik CS and family jadi hos JJCM..barulah ngam kan!

zarin said...

i suka crepe tu sedapppp
err tk pernha try plak fresh fetucine tu...
nanti kalau anak i nak ke sana i ajak u nak? kita boleh dating2 gitu :D

Anonymous said...

madam boleh share location restoran. possibly alamat. looks good. thought of driving up north after my china trip next month.

CS said...

Deer n dugong, samalah tu as they have the same initial, hehe. I pun ingat2 lupa whether or not MTSabri ada buat liputan kat JJCM dulu. I guess ada kot? I trust your memory!
As for Chom's cc, TB tak pandang sebelah mata as he only eats butter cake n sicilian orange cake. Psst.. the cc ada sikit bentat (lufer add baking powder). Semua ada 6, I ngap 2 and the rest jadi rezeki back alley cats. Dapat gak I pahala, tak gitu? heheh..

CS said...

Your mum ada ladang tembakau? Boleh I beli sehelai tembakau tak? I nak gentel2 jadikan inti rokok daun, hahaha.. Teringat masa kecik2 dulu bila my tok sedara datang dari Melaka, kitorang had a field day mengecek (or rather persuade our tok) rokok daun n hisap! Chik my aunty jadi polis pencen mengadu kat my mum. There goes our vice :-)

What is pokok ketereh?? Apa gunanya??

CS said...

Thanks for your faith in me but cant do lah I nih masuk tv. I cepat gugup and also so pemalu one, auwww. Director tarik2 rambut kang cos I tak hafal skrip n terpaksa kena several takes. Ekceli I pernah sekali masuk tv, hehe... seronok tak terkira wpun tak sampai seminit.

CS said...

If I go to that place again, taulah I apa nak makan (dah kurang blur kekdahnya). You nak date dgn I kat situ? Alaa you, tempat tu tersangat jauh for me cos I cannot imagine driving there by myself. Tempat tu is confusing. Tengoklah kalau ada rezeki/jodoh, we make do kat Empire aje, eh eh eh??

CS said...

NOIR and the rest who are interested to know the whereabout of the restaurant :

The Curve (quite near Ikea, Harvey Norman, One Utama)

Good luck!

Lili said...


You tak kenal pokok ketereh?
It's cashew tree...pokok gajus/ janggus. See, orang Perak pong tau sebutanG orang Ganu...hehe

CS said...

Ohhhh now I knowlaaa .. Awat tak habaq siang2 that it was fokok gajus or kesyu? ngeheheh.. Niway, mekasih mem :-)