Tuesday 26 April 2011

After decades of being married ...

Dear TB ...

Dulu kala selama I rajin buat macam2 jenis kapkek untuk D&T atau untuk kawan2, tak pernah sekali you terbukak hati nak mintak sikit let alone nak jamah w'pun berbuih2 mulut I kata kek tu sedap. Ada sekali dua aje you makan kapkek tu pun sebab I purposely bubuh raisins n sultanas.

Kek lembut2 esp cheese/chiffon cake memang you tak minat but I know you like butter/marble cake n fruitcake. What a pity as I don't go all out to satisfy your sweet tooth craving even though I know well enough that you love to have some kinda desserts after every meal. You have to resort to eating chocs, butter cookies or ice cream instead.

Well somehow you can be very unpredictable too when you requested "meh sini I cuba satu" when I baked SOC. You had a piece and you asked for another. You even brought a few pieces to work. I supposed the cake suits your taste bud fine cos since then you have been asking me to bake the cake again but sigh... the mood to bake SOC dwindling fast.. Tak patut betul I nih ek?

Meanwhile, it's good that you are able to find some other alternatives as the after-meal snacks. Insyaallah I will bake shortbreads n SOC for you when the baking mood soars, orite?

I know you mesti CEMAS tiap kali I beli pisang atau apple. You dapat agak pisang/apple will end up busuk, kankankan? But alhamdulillah your prasangka kadang2 tak tepat, hehe.. (cuma apple aje yang kurang bernasib baik, oooops) namun I tak kecik hati pun bila you tak pandang sebelah mata tiap kali I buat kek pisang.

You know that I love to buy bananas n apples, don't you? Nevermind if they eventually will rot but it does make me happy and feel secured knowing the kitchen has endless supply of bananas n apples. Ada juga manusia macam nih ek?

No worries about the rotten bananas n apples. We can always splurge them to the birds and the shrews.

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