Friday 8 August 2008

Another achievement ...

Another achievement was recorded in the Malaysian Guinness Book of World Records ..

Today, Friday 8th of August .. yours truly merentasi another 'open sea' aka the Kesas highway..

The feeling was not as ecstatic as the 1st time merentasi the Federal highway (kira dah eksyen sketlah), but all the same it was quite a dubdabdubdab journey all the way.

The place was Bukit Naga. Though Bukit NAGA by name, this place wasn't the birth place of buah naga or even naga of any sort. I was hoping I was in the medieval era with Sean Connery. Hehe, can't get enough of the Dragon Heart. Kan dah kata, besides cats and ducks, I like naga too. Just love to see them sembor bola2 api, Burrrr..! (maka terbakarlah ramos Mr Dentease..huhu)

How did Bukit Naga get its name? Mmmm .. (let me concoct a tale later, ok?). Roughly, its location is somewhere near Kg Jln Kebun and Kg Jawa. Sounds alien? Apa lagi, trylaa google.. :-)

Not familiar with the place is one thing, being scared and ngeri to drive along the highway with cars and lorries on your left and right is another thing. I pray hard so that I wont get panic attack. Hellpp!!

I should have driven at 50kph just like by BIL who drives at a kura2 speed. But quite unsangkarable, I managed to drive passed 100kph. Lo & behold .. I quickly tersedar diri maka .. I was back at 80kph. YaAllah.. slownya.... hahaha.. patutlah ramai yg menggila drive kat highway.

Went to Bukit Naga from 10am to 4pm, and soon after Maghrib my hubby and I will go there to witness the akad nikah of Maslina & Erwin Lee. Tata ..

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