Monday 18 August 2008

My mind ...

My mind goes astray
it goes here, there and everywhere
it knocks on your door, his door, her door
it knocks on all the doors
the doors full of live wires

My mind goes haywire
I dont need you, I dont need her, I dont need him
I dont need anybody
should I tell you, tell her, tell him
should I tell all of you
should I?

My mind goes wild
I need some wings
I need to fly high up there
to touch the sky, the stars, the moon
I need to find my own space
Please let me be...

Have I gone bonkers?
Indeed no, nauzubillahiminzalik!

Haha, 1st time trying my hands on poems/poetry. Anyway, are the two alike?

A poem is a single piece of poetry, complete in itself. Poetry is the collective term used to describe many pieces of poems, which may or may not be related by theme, author, or style.


Unknown said...

I dont anderstan sgt la omputeh ni.. stakat YES..NO..ORIET..SEE U.. BYE-BYE.. yg tu reti la..

Anonymous said...

Salam Dukes. I pun belasah jer.. muahahahaaa. Tak cuba tak tau, kan?

Lezah Zaini said...

i like your poem. where did i post the comments about your poem? Tersesat ke posting lain ker?

Anonymous said...

Kata2 cun dari seorang pendidik, auwww.. wa terkesima thau Cikgu, acih :-)

Anonymous said...

uii..ada talent gitew..mendalam maksud poem tuh ciksom.. hihi!

Anonymous said...

Mendalam ka? kahkahkah .. kelako!

Unknown said...

Errr.. Makin ambo tak reti.. Huhuhuhuhu..

Anonymous said...

Dukes, baca pelan2 mesti paham punya.. hehe