Thursday 7 August 2008

Congratulations ...

Congratulations and celebrations
When you tell everyone that you’re in love with him
Congratulations and jubilations
You want the world to know you're as happy as can be

Who could believe that you could be happy and contented
You used to think that happiness hadn’t been invented
But that was in the bad old days before you met him
When you let him walk into your heart

Come Friday August 8th, M would be solemnised with an akad nikah to her jejaka idaman. That would mean a start of a new phase in her life, a new era? Though married life is a bliss, it could be 'treacherous' at times, Insyaallah hers like ours would be blessed by Allah the Al-Mighty till eternity, Amin.

During the last 8 months while the duo M & E were having their romantic fling (cintan2 gitu), I was literally sucked into the middle of a love affair about to bloom. Not a day passes by without her reporting to me either through the phone, email or sms of 'what's happening'. As she regards me as her 'Ma' cum mentor (ehem), I had to play dual roles, as mother/daughter and as best of friend roped into one. Suffice to say the experience was nourishing and exciting albeit quite tiring (yes, sumpah penat).

Kononnya we are the best of buddies though the age difference is quite ketara. Yg mudanya surelylah yours truly, heheh. Kata jer best buddies but we fight a lot too. Our relationship has been tested time and again. Sana silap cakap, sini merajuk. Sini mood merundum, sana rasa down, sana buat salah apa lagi kena marahlah khan? Dia buat pasal and I naturally cari pasal. Pendek kata, ada aje yg nak digaduhkan dan ditengkarkan just like me and my T. Having said that, I would still consider this a blessed relationship full of laughter, giggles, tears and compromise.

In retrospect, how did we meet? Haha, incidently we met in cyberspace (for crying out loud). Don't you wanna know how she met her jejaka idaman? No? OK then, since takde saper yg nak tau, I simpan ajelah rahsia bibit2 chinta mereka, ya dak? :-)

I am happy for her but I can't deny the selfish fact that I too feel a bit sad, for after 8th August, everything would be different, not like the way it used to be (Engelbert?).

1. No more asking her to drive me anywhere n everywhere
2. No more dropping by at my house after work and stay late
3. We cant go out shopping, makan2, bual2 like nobody's business anymore
4. We cant talk on the phone sesuka hati at any time we like, boohoohoo
5. SMS text wld be restricted ikut office hours je kot? Takleh gossip maka taklehlah nak korek2 rahsia ek?
6-10 Impromptu agendas

Yalah kan, M mestilah kena hormat dan jaga kepentingan suami bila dah termaktub jadi isteri. Yours truly pun peka dengan hakikat orang baru berkahwin, mana boleh ganggu tak tentu pasal, tak tentu waktu, khan? I have to respect their newfound life too.

For a start, M would feel her kebebasan tersekat (hehe padan!), but by being loyal and abides by her husband's needs n wants, that one easy guaranteed access to Al-Jannah is just a step away. May she find perfect happiness with her soulmate, insyaallah.

M, thank you so much for your patience to accommodate kerenah and mood swing warga keemas2an ni (not me, k?), and all this while you've been marvellous, understanding, supportive and a good sister to D & T.

A note to the lucky bridegroom: Please take good care of M as terrbaek as you possibly can. "Selamat Pengantin Baru semoga bahagia selama2nya ..."

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