Friday 28 November 2008

Nag ...

Why do women nag? To be specific, why do mothers and wives nag? The know-it-all says women nag for they need love and attention. Really? Aren't there other better ways to seek love and attention other than nagging?

Do I nag? Yes when I have to but it doesn't give me much pleasure at all. Que sera sera, I'd rather remain cool and collected 24/7. It's quite tiring actually when you have to remind people time and again to do this and that. It is even more frustrating when you have to be the one who eventually did those as a result of them not doing it at all in the first place or when they did some things half-way through.

As far as the man of the house is concerned, I seldom nag him but he doesn't like to be around when I nag the children (for sure takut tempias kat dia kot? haha). When a wife (in general) talks more than her husband, can it not be classified as nagging or membebel? Can it be understood as a show of love, a concern, a discussion or a muzakarah for that matter?

Just yesterday I sent a text to moth when he was at work. I mentioned 3 things that he needs to be doing top priority but never really focus his time to be doing it. To start with the text I wrote 'Benarkan I sentuh 3 hal. Meh sama2... (the 3 points)' and ends it with 'Maaf jika tersilap beri idea. Salam'. That doesn't sound like nagging, does it? To date, I am yet to receive any response.

If only I could putar the time anti-clockwise ... would things be different and much better? Perhaps!

Last but not least do men nag? Yup at least Bak did or so I thought then, but where Bak is concerned the nagging was actually his words of wisdom. I can vouch for that and I can't thank him enough.


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