Tuesday 4 November 2008

Deepavali ...

27/10 - We were invited to a Deepavali dinner by the next door neighbour. They booked a cendol van from SS15 and a satay stall from-where-I-dont-know (of which its satay tasted much better than the renowned satay Kajang Hj S), while the rest of the food was cooked by the host herself assisted by two great bibiks. As the male host was a big boss of Malaysiaxxxx, I could see familiar faces of 'who's who' in the politics arena and some infamous bloggers.

The cendol van was parked just outside of my gate (good eh?). As it was quite dark and being a good jiran (huhu, pun intended), I had my front porch spotlights ON just to cater for the cendol man. Haa, barulah terang sket, if not kesian tau... dahlah tak nampak wajah pembuat cendol, lagi haru for the cendol enthusiasts as they would risk swallowing taik cicak or taik kumbang as they indulge in their bowl of cendol. Worse still, during preparation of the cendol, the cendol man himself is having an itchy nostril. Haa... sanggup?

Makan lebih kurang, say our thanks to the gracious hosts and we were done! Terlanjur rumah bersebelahan, dah siap makan (walau tak kenyang) nak tunggu apa lagi kan? Lagi pun it was too many people over too limited a space .. susahlah nak mingle2 dan senggol2an with other guests, ahaks (macamlah kenal dgn diorang pun??).

2/11 - Finally I got the chance to jamu all my siblings except dadadididudu ... Oh well..
No wonder I don't always jamu orang in big group as I know my kudrat aka tulang 4 kerats just couldn't take it BUT THIS TIME I AM GAME FOR IT afterall I NEED TO TEBUS MY MALU TO ALL MY SIBLINGS ESP MY SISTERS. They are the ones who always jamu and menjamu aje... Isn't tangan yang memberi lebih baik dari yang menerima? Har3 .. tau takpe!

To be continued ... (insyaallah

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