Thursday 20 November 2008

Am I torn in two?

You're torn in two ...
Your mouth is insisting that you let that verbal venom fly ..
Your innate sense of discretion is begging on bended knee, that you think about the consequences ..
Fortunately, there's a happy medium ..
Unfortunately, you won't find it today ..
Wait until tomorrow to speak ...

Oh well ... this is IT.

It's all about open and free communication, today. You've got to say what you feel as soon as you feel it! It's time to liberate your mind and free yourself to say whatever comes to mind at the moment it pops up in your brain.

You're open to the fact that once or twice you might say something silly. You might stick your foot in your mouth, but so what? That's a small price to pay for feeling free and open with the people you'll be dealing with, today.

Embarrassment can bring people closer.


Dentist and Me said...

what can I say ... your comment today is ... what should I say ... I think what I want to say is ... "I actually don't want to say anything"

clap clap clap lip lap lip lap ! ! !

Dicken said...

huh? oh ok. tu la pasal.

Anonymous said...

You all ni memang tau ...tapi khan, wa dah sembor ramai orang smlm..