Wednesday 11 February 2009

not french dressing ...

It has been 17 days since I had my op. It was on CNY eve and even after ChapGohMeh has passed, I am still like this - walking like a mother crab.

When the doc told me "it should be ok, it takes a while to heal completely.. it might leave a scar though". Me, "I don't mind the scar as long as it heals well" (smile nervously). The truth is, I'm getting tired of going there but I have to for my own good. It sounds like a mother telling her kid "eat this (cod liver oil/taugeh/long beans), it's for your own good", right? Yukky..

Then I tried to be friendly "you know doctor, I even dreamt that a doctor, not you, did the thing for me but it wasn't painful". The doctor shows an interest and smile sweetly "Yah??". Haha, of course I couldn't feel the pain, kan? but when I dreamt of going to the loo doing my you-know-what, the inevitable happened. Why? mencii taw!

Digress: I had a scar on my right hand accidently gotten it from the 'running' table fan. I was 12 then, very sweet and innocent. Still am :-). During lunch or dinner, I tried to sit as far away as possible from my Bak fearing he might look at the scar and 'bising'. No way, how can an anak manja sits further from her Dad during meals? Dad has to senduk the lauk for her esp. the vege. And since the scar was obviously visible on my right hand used to suap the nasik, how else could I hide it? Greg Morris would say "mission impossible" hence the long lecture from the non lecturer, my Bak. I found out later from Mak that Bak was worried "kalau cacat takde orang nak kawin nanti". Bak, if you must know, the scar then is non-visible now, but sad to say I am having a NEW ONE now. Wonder what he'd say ....

Had my 5th dressing yesterday. My temperature and BP were taken. The doc came and belek2 the wound. I saw a worried look .. I didn't like it. "hmmm..we have to do something.. blablabla". Two nurses were in-charge of picking up (out?) the slough (dead skin/tissue) and that had me "meowing" in pain !

The two kind nurses suggested that I come again (and again) for the dressing (rather than I do it at home myself). They were full of empathy and sympathy, and one of them whispered "puan datang aje besok, kami ada kat sini. Saya tolong puan". What does that mean?

Whatever that means, I will only know tomorrow. Tata..


Lezah Zaini said...

And how much u kena this time?
Giliran saya bulan Mei nanti, tak tahulah macam mana. :-(

Anonymous said...

CL, RM86 jer.. (i wish it was 8.60)