Wednesday 29 October 2008

Eee laptop n last kopek raya with 5 LOL ...

I have been neglecting my laptop eversince I did my 4-season cleaning up. I had to relocate it at one side of the house hence the rombakan of my humble office (sort of) from that of a dining table to a new spot, a spot which I feel is not condusive untuk berkarya. What more, a laptop which has seen better days, sesuka hati aje nak OFFkan dirinya, I yang penyabar ni pun dah jadi tak sabar as it is quite annoying (hilang mood). Right now I am using MOTH's Eee PC in my own bedroom (if bedroom orang, ehh, malulah nak masuk, khan?). Lega gak guna si Eee nih ... tak takut lagi terdengar bunyi 'teng' before the screen 'blacks out'.

p/s: unfortunately the sitting position is hazardous to health.. my health that is! The so-called office MOTH ni takde kerusi sesuai untuk duk lama2 ngadap laptop yg kecik molek nih.. Huwargh.. beggars cant be choosy eh?..

Normally then, I would placed a full-speed running fan directly onto the laptop (it's as though nak sejukkan hati laptop tu laah), but more often than not, it just doesn't work. W'pun dah instal fan bawah punggung laptop tu, padam juga dia. Sakit hati tau. Dear MOTH has offered me his own as he will use his spare cemetot Eee PC (apsal manyak sangat alphabets tu?) but I told him 'nantilah.. malas nak transfer mcm2 benda'.

Rombakan of my so-called office is needed as I was expected to treat some friends/siblings on 3 separate occasions at my humble abode. Senang citer, macam open-house gak cuma para jemputannya tak ramai namun I need a decent table to lay out the array of food for my jemputan.. (array of food? kahkahkah)

(Fikiran ngeri: if I were to combine the 3 occasions into one, that would mean I'm cooking for at least 30 people. Wahh... pengsan aku!).

Last Sunday I had Mas & family coming over, that included her parents, tok and sis. I also invited CL and some of D's friends. Served them mee kari, sambal sotong, murtabak and bubur kacang. Is that all? Yes, that's all. Tu pun I couldn't find time to curi tulang to even glance through the Sunday newspapers tau.

Today, I invited 5 of my lady of leisure jirans for breakfast. I served them good food juga plus pengat pisang lagi. I started cooking at 11pm (the nite before) and went to bed at 2am .. (bila ada mood, apa pun boleh. Oit!! mood memasak ok?). Puas hati as we had a good time indeed.

Come Sunday .. aduiii..kena masak lagi .. This time all my siblings are coming.. for belated raya. With own siblings, the tension to serve tantalising dishes is lessen as I can depend on them to bring their own food .. hahaha .. potluck is one way to pupuk silaturrahim, khan?

Signing off now... my back is killing me... How I wonder that my other half is able to ngadap si Eee without sitting on a proper chair? Ada ke orang guna tepi katil sebagai kerusi?? Ada ke? Ada ke???

P/S: Kamera hp mogok hence no pics attached.


Lezah Zaini said...

Ada CS, saya lah tu. My new PC just beside my bed. memang ada kusi, tapi kengkadang lagi syok duk atas katil under my comforter huhu sambil tenet. kalau wa guna my net top, your husband guna EEE saya guna aspire one, saya guna sambail baring jer.... bersandar kat atas katil. Furthermore, wa guna maxis broadband.

Anonymous said...

Lu and CZ not keseorangan. Believe it or not selama wa jadi student balik for almost 2 years wa lagi nazak dari lu all, ngadap laptop sambil baring and sometime laptop wa duk atas trow pillow yang gedang tu wa sando kat dinding jek buat assignment and project paper wa. Ha tapi wa khatam gak next week Convo wa, he he bilik sembahyang wa tu banyak berjasa...Lepas ni wa baru nak cari working table favorite wa tuh...
Ha wa kecik ati gak ada orang tak ajak wa makan sambal sotong favorite..hmmm he he he....G'Zain

Anonymous said...

Jadinya ,ramai gak yg golek2 atas katil dgn laptop ek? Right now I am using hubby's laptop (dia gi kerja wa curik2lah..haha).
Gee, lu suka sambal sotong ka? Wa bolehlah masak sikit2 tapi kalau lu kata lu ngidam, sekarang jugak wa pi carik sotong..