Friday 2 January 2009

Happy Birthday D ...

D with babysitter's daughter

Today is your birthday. How time flies ... and yet I am still as young as ever ... muahahaha.. (monitored laughter just to cover line).

1st 5 years of my marriage was just bliss. Nothing to worry about, so to speak. It was an easy life taking care of just one 'big baby' and Bozo, the cat. Thank god there was no pressure from anybody with question like "bila nak beranak"?

All the while I thought I was barren. A few of your aunties don't have kids so I could be just like them. Maklum sama gene. MOU was verbally signed with Abah ie by certain age "kita ambik anak angkat aje". He agreed wholeheartedly.

Al-kisah on one fine day Mak Long advised me .. "doalah ...". As you know, she herself has no kid of her own, been married for 36 yrs this year, insyaallah. Berdoa I did, as not long after that I conceived. Allah answered my prayer just like that? Oh my ... Ya Rahman Ya Rahim...

Getting pregnant for the first time was of mixed feelings .. happy, worry, unsure, disbelief, thankful ...

I read lots of books about childbirth but for one Dr Spock never say "push as though you are about to pass motion". Or, was I terlepas pandang of that fact? Not really as I could remember vividly TokNah used to tell Ibu and me"Pak Mok kata teran macam sembelit". Pak Mok is TokNah's big bro, a kadi and a sporting one for that matter. I wish to see you and T behaving like TokMok n TokNah.. caring, loving and respect each other. 2 beradik macam isi dgn kuku sama2 merantau dibumi Malaya.

I used to ask TokNah "beranak sakit tak mak".. Duh?? but that was truly an innocent question. TokNah would just say "sakit.. tu sebab anak2 jangan melawan".. I could remember just once that I purposely hampakan TokNah when she asked me to make a suit from batik ala gonjeng just like her friend's daughter was wearing.
That time it was selisih malaikat 44 to be seen adorning anything in batik but if it was batik made of voile, crepe or silk, then that is different story altogether. Only Belia 4B adorned batik (yang tak cantik pada pandangan umum!).

My 1st trimester was ok but uncomfortable. Makan time was always dreadful as I must do self-body-massage first and I have to burrp then only I could enjoy a spoonful of whatever food of the day. My office mates could attest to this. My morning sickness was short but during the period I loathed perishable goods and the aroma of cooked rice. Abah helped to cook simple dishes. His fried fish and fried prawns were out of this world! Tak caya suruh dia buat sekarang.

The first 3 mths of feeling "OMG .. help me please" was finally over but during the consequtive months I didn't gain much weight though my appetite kept building up. I craved for satay, soto, rootbear floats and KFC vege. salad, not forgetting foods cooked by other people. In 9 months I had gained extra 14 lbs only (not in metric yet) and no wonder you were so tiny hardly a 7 pounder baby and tersangatlah sepet.

My gynae was Dr H for you and T. Suka tengok muka dia persis hero Jepun tu, dengan erti kata lain, handsome! Apparently he was the one pioneered IVF in Malaysia. Terer kan? IVF not IMF, ok? Thought of naming you 'H' but my idea was 'rejected raw' by you-know-who.

Had felt uneasy on the nite of 31st Dec. I was supposed to attend department dinner at my boss' house but I didn't go. Very early morning of January 1st I was already admitted. By noon the contractions became quite unbearable, but at the same time I was hungry. I told Abah "nak makan burger" (just light meal or else masa push2, lain pulak yang keluar nanti). Abah naturally had to find a burger. Should I die kempunankan burger (not because of giving birth), surely he would regret for the rest of his life, wouldn't he? So, nyum2, at last I had Burger King.

Tok and TokEngku came all the way from JB. Tok buat air selusuh and non stop bersolat. I was having difficulty as you refused to see the world. At last, with doas and a forcep, you finally made an entrance. At 12.52am you were mine to keep! Overall, I kinda like being pregnant as physically I look wonderful and felt good.. hehe.. (ni fakta semata2, bukan perasan).

On two occasions when I was pregnant, Tok R went to Mekah to perform his Haj. He certainly prayed hard and doa for the wellbeing of both you and T hence it gave me full confidence that you both would always be blessed by Allah and be on the right track all the time in iman and akidah, to practice the FIVE diligently and wholeheartedly in faith the SIX.

Dear D, I wrote this specially for you. Don't know when you are able to read this. Just a brief down memory lane .. It would be berkajang2 if I were to jot down everything .. Your first sentence "Umiii, naak air" lingers on and you still do it even now dah besar panjang. Hope you still remember why you need to say "sayaang bonda" and later give me that big hug and of our moments together when watching the Land Before Time .. Longneck & friends .. "yup..yup..yup.. keep up..keep up". Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Transformers?

What has happened on the eve of your birthday, let's forget it. I accept whatever was written in the sms. We make mistake, we learn from it. Jangan sombong dengan Allah, we are here merely as HIS servants.

"terima kasih lahirkan d, jaga, didik, bagi makan minum semua sempurna. D tau .......... (blink2), but deep inside me you're my everything. I love u so much. You're the best Mi. Umi tak salah didik ape2 pun.. i dont want to lose u Mi. Minta maaf banyak2. I wanna be a gud son. Sayang bonda! 4.54am 2/1/09


Dentist and Me said...

ei maleh la nak bace. gambo tak de ke?

Anonymous said...

Kan wa kata mende yg wa tulis tu khas untuk anak wa, khaan?? Wa bagi lu 'E', fail!

Dentist and Me said...

ei tak bhaek layan tetamu seperti itu. tak sopan langsong

Anonymous said...

Adeiii Tambi, 'tit for tat' namanya tu. Lu buat gua, gua buat lu.. baru adil.

Dentist and Me said...

tit ? ? ? Awwwww ! ! !

Dicken said...

He works in mysterious ways.

Barangsiapa bertakwa kepada Allah niscaya Dia akan mengadakan baginya jalan keluar. Dan memberinya rezki dari arah yang tiada disangka-sangkanya.

When mum was carrying me, dia makan serbuk kopi hidup2. Tu lah agak nya skarang putih melepak.

G'Zain said...

Cik Som,
Hmm werld tul pengalaman lu. Untuk sang teruna wa doakan lu jadi yang terbaik sebagai hadiah untuk bonda lu on your special day.Amin..

Anonymous said...

Dicken, perhaps the 'putih melepak' is in your heart & soul? Nat can attest to that.. (buy her more dolls..hehe)

Gee, actually I've edited the post to give more umph konon. Haha..
and, thanks for your doa.