Thursday 29 January 2009

Dressing my wound - I

Dr Hanis made an appointment to see me (ahaks) at 11am but he finally turned up at almost 2pm. Prior to that, we have been informed by the staff that he'd be late but why was he late? As expected of a surgeon and a man of his calibre, he's surely a busy-bee and 24/7 in demand - but for all I know he could be jamming or practicing playing with his clarinet somewhere, kot? :-)

I was one of his 4 patients, patiently waited for him until I got restless due to 1. the coldness of the waiting room 2. the seat somehow doesn't feel empuk anymore 3. my wound seems to say "please.. I need a new dressing" 4. I'm hungry n thirsty 5. Need to go to the washroom

Too cold a room made one huge lady even requested for a blanket. Haha.. biar betul, dapat pulak blanket rona pink. I jeling aje (not because she looks warm and comfortable in that pink blanket but I geram she had her laptop ON. For sure a bloggerlah tu..hehe).

At last, the fully attired man in green made an entrance (but he's no Giant supermarket mascot ya tuan2 dan puan2). Soon a couple was called in and in no time I heard my name being called too. I was ushered in to an isolated room, whereby a very personal mission was about to take place. Ouch!

I lie down penuh silu...almaklum. The nurse had my BP taken and clean-up my wound. Adoii! pedih, sakitnya. Soon after, Dr Hanis came in to belek my wound (I wish I could cover my face with a selimut at that time but then the selimut was used to cover the other part of my body...hic!). Hmm..he asked me "macam mana mula2 dapat"? So I told him blablabla, the truth and nothing but the truth. "OK.. today is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.. Monday in the evening you come see me", and so the doc said sambil kelip2kan matanya. What's with his eyes anyway? Pedih dek silauan kah?

Before the doc left the room, he had instructed the nurse to put this, this and that.. (whatever that is) to my wound. I should say the procedure was bearable - not painful but pedih aje. Oh ya, I was so scared and ngeri to look at my own wound though I did peep from bird's eyeview. YaAllah .. the wound is quite deep, definitely it'll leave a scar. After this can go to Japan and do cosmetic surgerylah, haha. Maybe Mr & Mrs Dicken baik hati to accompany me to one (haha.. maka berangan2lah CikSom sensorang).

I walk very slowly like an old crab - at one time to the left, the other time to the right, sometimes gostan too. The wound was getting painful. I quickly settled the bills, wow! I then collected J-gua through the valet parking .. another wow! RM10 gone but it was worth it.

While typing the whole thing, I was listening to Suria radio (via tv astro). Nowadays, I hardly listen to the radio but on this wee hours I listen to some wonderful retro songs being played .. I FEEL SAD .. SAYU .. HIBA .. RINDU .. Eihh.. this songlah.. "Kasih ku, seharum mawar merah..." I remember listening to this song when T was a baby - di pagi yang hening - still asleep on my lap - in the car on our way sending T n D to SS1 - then I off to work. "aku disini untuk mu jua..biar laut bergelora...".. huhuhu.. I am being emotional here but sometimes it helps to be one .. believe me. Alamak.. DJ Dave pulak daah... "Heii, ingin bersua.." heheheh... TAK JADI NAK SEDIH2 DAH.

Salam mesra untuk semua ...

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