Wednesday 15 April 2009

SMS - SoMuffins Sxxx..

SMS = SoMuffins Sexy!

Pheewit.. but whoever feels like laughing your belly out, pls do so with your mouth tightly zipped. Don't let me hear any sound come out of it, not even a soft hissing, ok? If not nanti I kecik ati.. bila I kecik ati, I merajuk; bila I merajuk I malas nak masak; bila I malas nak masak, I makan kat luar .. haaa.. I like!

I ni tak suka membazir orangnya (ehem), tersangat tak suka membazir when it comes to using the whole 160 characters when sending a message out or when responding to sender's message, so I make full use of it. 160 to the dot or <> 160.

If a text is spilt over to the next page with only a few words in, I will definitely find ways to 'kepal2kan' the words to fit into one screen (kiah3 .. word kepal2kan came as my otak gives the picture of me making a begedil. U know the act of moulding the thing into a ball before you penyek2kan to shape it like a small burger).

Al-kisah, I received a few sms from siFolan; a few short ones which I responded happily. After a while, it gets on my nerves so I ask F "boleh tak tulis panjang sikit dengan soalan2 so that I can answer one shot". F wrote back "this is short messaging system". Haha.. wise answer indeed. I, "yes you are right but sms has 160 characters. Y not make full use of it, we x only can save time but based on financial side of it, we definitely can save some $". Alhamdulillah, F could see and agree with my POV.

Begitulah lebih kurang sandiwara sebabak hal sms = short memang short!

Having said those, it's not like I never sent short messages out. It all depends on what kind of situations I'm in, the kind of persons I interact with, the kind of mood I'm in, blablabla... Many a time *hubby caught me smsing at odd hours and at odd places esp so when I respond to the incoming messages. I feel it is a form of respect to respond fast (unless unforeseen circumstances prevail). * tak gemar bersms (i think sebab dia tak secekap I, heheh)

One night, hubby and I had roti naan & tandoori for dinner at the nearby restaurant. Before heading home, I sms D "nak makan apa?". D "non, tq". So I told hubby "macam tau2 aje kita makan naan". So I tapau naan & tandoori for my bujang bertuah tu. Tiba rumah, I put the whole thing on the dining table, tak pulak kata apa2 kat dia. Soon after that, I was good in my slumberland . Btw, have u experienced listening to your own snores while you are fast asleep? If you must know, only wise women snore, so says WHO yg buat kajian. Hehe, ye ke?).

When I woke up early in the morning, si D ni macam dah kena rasuk pulak. Ketawa cam nak rak, riang ria berdekah2. Apsal Tambi? Dah kena badi tandoori ka?

Meanwhile, sms from T "Yeayyhh! Thank god i got an understanding mader like u" .. haaa, tau pun! (cakap dlm ati).

SMS ni nikmat dunia, semestinya ada nilai2 positif, negatif dan semestinya ada 1001 macam cerita disebalik penggunaan sms nih, tul tak? I shall stop here .. will continue to blabber on the same topic, insyaallah.

Oh ya, kenapa gaknya si D ketawa riang ria terbahak2 tu? Adakah dia dirasuk?


Mrs Ceriawan said... D maksudkan xnak tp umi nyer terbeli gak naan..hiks :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

i pun masa kat kl dulu selalu angin dgn friends yg suka tanya 1 question per sms. takleh ke tanya 4-5 soalan sekali gus kan?

CL said...

Salam CS,
i like to talk more than to write. can hear your soft vioce ala ala manja gitu. hehehe

CS said...

mrs chiow .. in a way, 1/2 betul telahan tu. Geniuslah u..

S&T .. Duk Msia lebih 'angin'nya eh? Hehe..

CL .. yes..yess.. masih manja tapi tak soft lagi. Hangin menderu2 nih..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

i tak kisah sgt pasal sms ni..sebab i pun suka bersms..hahahha

u merajuk teruk ke?

CS said...

Hi Ida, bila merajuk I lebih mendiamkan diri dan pelan2 pujuk diri sendiri. I baik, kan? (pun intended)