Tuesday 21 October 2008

Mishap in the kitchen ...

Waah, how time flies. It has been 5 days since I last berkarya.. Where has the mood gone to? Why must it merundum like the stock market does? What's wrong? Is it the hormone? the weather? the food? the cats? the ants? The list is endless, just blame it on anything but myself !

Cooked fried kuea tiau yesterday. The kuali was put on the cabinet top next to an empty mug (meant to make coffee for hubby). Upon snipping off the tip of the coffee sachet, I poured the coffee into the kuali full of kuea tiau. Maaaak, what was I thinking?? Anyhow, it was quite unsangkarable that the taste of 6-in-1 coffee blended well with my kuea tiau. Har3, what else can I say? Tapi memang sedap apa .. pahit, manis & masin bercampur aduk cenggitu ..

It happened once before when I baked bingka pisang. I was short of sugar but I remember there was a small pack of sugar in the fridge. I got the small pack alright and straight away poured it into the pisang mixture. My bingka pisang somehow tasted so lemak berkerim as a result of Ajinomoto, harharharuuuuu .. the joke was definitely on me!

Once upon a time I made kuih koci. The dough should (read: should) be a mixture of white and black glutinous flour but dear me just used the black one and it turned out to be ?...... Suffice to say it went straight into the garbage bin. Such disastrous attempt always befall on me but I always persevere .. (I swear).

I dare to fail ... there were so many failures before I could really get the hang of it ... what with the french twist, the honey cookies, the Singapore bihun, the pineapple jam and the cream puffs ..

One of these days there would be a group of the 'so-called fans' who wishes to visit me. What should I serve them? Helllp ... (I am sure Domino's, KFC or McD would be happy to assist..).


Lezah Zaini said...

I would like to be ur fan to visit u one day but i dowan kfc or mcd or the like. i wan lasagnia from ur water hand. can meh?

Anonymous said...

Alaaa CL .. wa buat buat lasagna 4 tahun sekali tapi apa kata kita pi umah anak murid wa kat Bkt Naga tu. Dia dah pandai buat lasagna, kita pi serang dia nak tak?