Saturday 10 January 2009

A deep breath of relief ...

At last D got his lesen P, alhamdulillah. That would be his long awaited birthday surprise. Surprise? Yes..., fullstop! Thought of giving him some cash as birthday gift but since he owes me 50bucks (like can buy 5 pieces of big murtabak u know), I sort of incubate the thought. He was telling me then "loan eh Mi?", so I have to treat it as a loan and wait for the moment he pays me. You would say dengan anak sendiri pun nak berkira ek? Me calculative? Hihihi.. as always, I got my reasons (naturally all mothers do).

Well.., a loan is a loan and a promise is a promise. Since he has promised to pay me when he receives his so-called 'salary', I just have to agree and wait. D is doing his practical training now and receives a meagre allowance of RM 300/mth . Meagre it is but all the same he's thankful as some of his friends don't get a sen at all. Good that he knows to be thankful.

By being calculative, I was actually teaching him to be responsible with his promise and to honor his own words. Where money is concerned, this could be a start of a new journey as he would be joining the rat race sooner or later . I used to tell him "try as you might not to make unnecessary debts" .. "sesungguhnya ramai jadi penipu kerana berhutang" .. hadith Nabi saw.

After experiencing 3 months of working life, he should realize by now that money doesn't grow in purses or wallets (not that he doesn't know then). I got that 50bucks alright but it changes hands in no time at all "tq Mi".

A mother's job is never done ...

A few days ago I was summoned to T's 'kolej'. "Please Mi..pliz..pliz.. Umi kena datang jugak", and so I was there in a jiffy. T wasn't happy with her new room mates. One, they are her seniors. Two, they gantong their smelly bajus 'everywhere'. Three, they gantong their wet towels by the window louvres. Four, there are 2 extra mates brought in by the seniors (they are on appeal list to get a room). Five, T thought she might be doing them a favour (so they have extra bed to sleep on). Six, she prefers to stay in a room with her classmates, apparently only next to her room. 7-10, believe me as all the reasons given are valid bangat. Sigh.....

Words of wisdom to T: u have to...., u can't....., u must try ....., everything isn't ......

T has spoken with the lady in-charge of the kolej's welfare. It seems all rooms are occupied, fullstop! T was disheartened but was very sure there was a vacant bed which means she still has a chance to appeal.

That's when I step in .. it is as though I can do wonders.. Hadoiii! malulah nak ganggu orang tengah sebok bekerja but for T's sake, I have to. The lady was busy, in fact when I met her she was supposed to attend a meeting. And that wasn't all, many others - students and staff were tailing her back as if she was a mother duckling! Here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack.. Oh McDonald had a farm.. Huhu.. I felt guilty already.

I entered her room with 'Bismillah, YaAllah permudahkan urusan ku' "Maaf Puan.., saya mintak jasa baik puan ..............". Was I surprised for she was quite approachable. To cut the story short, T finally got what she wanted. I received one big hug & kisses, and some words of appreciation via sms. Alhamdulillah.

Something to ponder: Based on the record, the vacant bed is already occupied but the girl has yet to register her name. Unless and until the girl came, the lady could do nothing about it. When I told T about it, guess what she said? "Mi, budak tu kawan T, dia sakit, dia duduk kat sick bay kat kolej lain". What? Nape tak bitau awal2 lagi budak tu dah duduk tempat lain? Nape tak bitau Puan tu masa mula2 jumpa dia tadi?

The lady was adamant not to let go the vacant bed and yet the girl has already found another place to stay. What kind of records are they having?

From the start when T first registered into 'there', she has had a few unhappy moments where 'their records' are concerned. One of the Heads there told me then, "Kes anak puan terjadi 1 dalam 500, mungkin dugaan".

I accept any dugaan for that matter but if it was a fault made by their staff, wouldn't they want to be courteous to at least say sorry? Isshh, penatlah nak congkel kisah2 lama ni .. but such dugaan helps to strengthen the mind, afterall Allah knows best!


shahirahkhairudin said...

when it comes to loan, my ibu also do da same thing..mmg ibu tunggu mase untuk i bayor lik utang..unless if i say..bu ni kire sponsor ek (berserta dengan sengihan mengader)..baru selamat..

CS said...

Awak nakal ek? Tapi dengan saper lagi kalau bukan dgn mak untuk kita lebih2 manja dan mengader, khaan?