Tuesday 9 September 2008

DOs & DON'Ts ....

D&T are complaining about my being too friendly with the so-called strangers such as the grass cutter, newspaper and paper lama men, the Alam Flora@garbage workers and loads of others.

They meant to tell me 'jangan baik & peramah sangat' with those 'expats' for I wouldn't know what each of them have in mind (can they be trusted?). Never knew I have great mind readers in the making; but how come MOTH never complained?

* smile when necessary
* don't give face to those who jump queue
* not to create small talks at odd situation
* stop being kind to the ungratefuls
* just a tad cordial would do
* not to entertain uncivilized motorists on the road

I didn't ask them to clarify further as to why those were imposed on me but hopefully, they understood the message I tried to convey -> "pls don't stop me from doing something good as I don't subscribe to buat baik berpada2, buat jahat jangan sekali", and that my dealing with each of them is 'strictly business'.

Having said that, I'd love to give D&T the benefit of the doubt for I think they meant well; that they just try to protect me against devils in all forms, whatever that means.

Just this secret I have not told them that I have distributed some 36 good red apples to the Alam Flora@garbage workers. Some kind soul gave me the apples in anticipation that I give away to whoever, should I not able to consume them all.

I wonder what D&T would call these :

1. While mending the cash register at the bakery, there exist a man of very familiar face -> "Hi uncle, uncle kenal saya tak? Saya anak ..."
2. Eagerly entertain customers with much enthusiasm. Wouldn't you like a sales asst to suggest to you which bread or cakes are the freshest?
3. Assist a blind man to cross the road

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