Monday 8 September 2008

Figs & raya cookies ...

T's first attempt baking Choc Chips.

1130pm - Just woke up. Warghh.. of all the people in the world, AB was in my dream. Couldn't remember much except that we were on a journey somewhere looking for food. There were beautiful trees with hues of sunlight. I supposed that dream was insignificant to my being for I couldn't remember more than I should.

Note: But I do admire AB.

Received SMS from FJ alerting us (old friends) that her sister is back into action selling raya cookies. Looking at the prices I quickly did some mental arithmetics. And because of the horrendous prices, the urge to bake my own cookies comes alive (haha!). But, how am I to bake Mama Carey (or is it Marmar?), biskut semut, biskut Arab, Makmur, choc chips and cornflakes cookies all by myself? Definitely I'll be bengkok in no time as 'gentel2' job isn't my forte. My passion is in MUFFINS/ CUPCAKES.

But on the other hand, am I sampai hati enough to see the 'balang' being empty without those cookies, knowing very well they are T&D's favourites? (tssk..tssk.. perhaps I let the balang empty but I sorok the biscuits somewhere). Haha, OK gak tu!(snicker).

I plan to bake: Cornflakes cookies, shortbread and mixed fruits balls (wah3!)
Ordered from Hjh Som: Makmur kacang
Plan to buy: Steamed fruit cake and 'open' pineapple tart (both imported from JB being sold at Mydin). Bought these two last year and they were GOOD!

This Ramadhan we don't really consumed kurma to break the fast but we have figs and sultanas instead. A wind of change gitu.. :-)


Anonymous said...

wah wah ada bentuk L.O.V.E lagik... yg tu kat MOTH1 mkn ekk.. ehehe

Anonymous said...

Cibil, bentuk LOVE tu kerja kreatip T. Suka ati dia aje nak buat saiz dan bentuk apa, hehe

Unknown said...

nape tak wat bentuk CW ek.. Lalalalalalaa

Anonymous said...

Nape ek? Takde acuannya kot? heheh