Monday 8 September 2008

Wedges ...

T has been wanting to buy 'wedges', so off we went to 'Egypt'. This would be her 3rd visit there in search of 'wedges'. At first I was blurry as to why she needed to buy 'wedges' so far away when KFC is just a minute drive from home.

KFC hot wedges with two types of cheese yg meleleh2 tu.. yes? but NO, it was never meant to be FOOD, the 'wedges' that she meant was actually a pair of shoes. Haha.. a smack in my face!

"ohh..Umi ingat kentang tu.."
"apalaa Umi nih.."
"jangan tak tau,I used to wear those u know.."
"really?? ya ke Mii?" ..
"'haa..jangan jeles"

At last she got what she wanted after being disappointed twice (no size and out of stock).

We then cruising to USJ4 bazar. Boy oh boy .. suffice to say I spent a good RM45 for the following goodies enough to cover for berbuka and sahur.

Nasi beriani kambing
Tepung gomak
Goreng cempedak
Lepat pisang/ubi
Kepak ayam panggang bermadu
Sup daging campur
Daging kawah

Alhamdulillah for the rezeki and hoping too that my existance there brought smiles to those bazar sellers, insyaallah.


Anonymous said...

RM45 ciksom for those foods? nape kite rasa mahai ek??

Anonymous said...

Memang terasa mahal pun Cibil tapi untuk 4 org dan 2xmakan, berbaloilaa kot?
Pecahan harga: NB kambingx2=16, kepak ayam panggang madu 5pcs RM10
sup daging campur RM5, daging kawah RM3

Anonymous said...

oooo.. tu la baru teringat utk 4 org mkn.. ingtkan utk sorang mkn.. hihi!

Dentist and Me said...

haaa RM45 ringgit saja? ekual to GBP5.00 JERRR untuk 4 orang makan, eiiiiiiii murahnyaaaaa ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Tulah kan? Betapa bijaknya wa membelanjakan dana anjer wa. Tapi kaan, RM45 bukan equivalent to <> GBP6.5 ke??