Monday 2 March 2009

Demam .. 1.2

Have been in hibernation for quite a while .. maklumlah winter, kan? kan?

D&T insisted that I too had contacted the same virus that they had esp towards the end of 'everything', each of us had rashes all over our body. I had red spots on my thigh and part of lower legs while D&T had rashes (ruam) at the forearms, abdomen and legs.

I wasn't really sure if I had contacted chikungunya or dengue but maybe what I had was just the normal fever. Umm..ummph.. Am I in denial?

Ditakdirkan 3 beranak serentak dapat demam ni. Kalau teraju utama dah sakit (me), maka what more can you expect? Dapur menjadi sunyi sepi no action whatsoever. Harapan menggunung pada man of the house ajelah. Dialah harapan negara untuk beli makanan dan beli apa2 yang diidamkan. D&T takde problem 'menikmati' makanan lepas demam panas, pening, muntah dan sakit2 sendi.

Prior to that, while having a high fever, D admitted himself to Serdang Hospital. There, he was put on drips, had his blood tested, a jab on his groin and was given setimbun medications. T too had her blood taken and tested at the Kolej's clinic. Alhamdulillah, both D&T acted their age eventhough sometimes they were like anak ayam kehilangan ibu..

Yang amat bermasalah is ME. Understood masa demam selera = zero maka angin puting beliung cari peluang berleluasa dalam perut.. tak mau escape samada sedawa atau toot. I cuba sedaya upaya makan roti bakar selet butter n jam, yang tetiba serupa rasa plastik hangus. Half piece of bread doesn't help much and soon I got the hunger pang! You're very hungry but you are not able to eat. Even the thought of food made me mual, I could even feel the stomach churning inside out hence ke toiletlah jawabnya without fail. Sometimes vomitting does wonder as I felt better after each 2-in-1 session (literally means vomit+wee2 at one go).

I really eat to live! I nibble on dates, banana, raisins and buah LAI besar yang gebu tu cos it's juicy. I tak boleh minum dan telan air macam biasa, I'll throw up! I could only seep drinks by the spoonful. When I felt a bit better, I tonggak ice-cream soda, orange Twister and 100 Plus. Itu pun sehemah yang boleh .. takdelah tonggak cam dapat todi.. hahaha.. Ice-cream soda did good to my tongue but why oh why it tasted so wangi cam ada perfume?

One week without proper intake of nutritious food, it makes me dwindle and droop. Somehow I got a brilliant idea to beat the hunger pang. Dalam pada berdiri dgn kaki yang wobbly, I gagahkan diri ke dapur. I masak 'kekaot' (in case it sounds familiar to you, yes.. in English it's called quaker oats..heheh).

Half a cup of kekaot took me ages to finish but alhamdulillah I could swallow it without feeling nausea. The next day I had scrambled egg with a piece of bread and the day after I had lempeng pisang. All done dengan semangat nak sembuh. I long to eat singgang (as it boosts up the appetite) and sayor rampai (for I lack roughage). When I finally could cook the much ngidam sayor rampai, and ate it with relish, I feel the world is back to become round again.

Syukur alhamdulillah for this dugaan ya Allah ... (I am as speechless as ever).


Salt N Turmeric said...

kesiannya cik somuffin demam sekeluarga. hopefully everyday will recover soon.

u sakit tak boleh amkan, i kalau sakit selera bertambah. tak tau lah kenapa jadi camtu but that is the case. orang sakit turun berat badan, i kalau sakit demam seminggu, gamaknya naiklah 2kg. huhu.

CS said...

Acih S&T .. We're recuperating well (selebihnya nak manja jer).

How come you can gain weight when you're ill? You're 1 in a million! I tak makan seminggu, ntah2 I lose weight by 40gm aje..