Tuesday 24 March 2009

RHCC - RedHotCrispyChicken..

The 3 stooges had this for breakfast. What's this? It's called Pobureg - consists of fried potato, onion, green chilli, egg, lamb burger and butter with dashes of pepper n salt. Eat that with toasted bread. Is it nice? Haha, next question please!

P/S: Don't try to google Pobureg, ok? Mueheheheh..

Have not been buying RedHotCrispyChicken for quite a while since D & T suddenly dislike chicken and its by-products. I can say it's good for my pocket but bad for my cooking strategy. Anyway recently, T craves for the RHCC after seeing its advertisement at the billboard along the highway. D quietly craves for the same thing too but he keeps it to himself. Do you know why? At the moment, both of them are having a cold war.. very2 cold! It's none other than the big brother syndrome - being egoistic (and that makes me HOT.. hotter than that of RHCC).

The first two packets of RHCC were OK but last week's purchases were all 'bad'. I bought it at Jaiyen but T claimed that I might have bought an expired packet.. but no, how can that be?. She then bought another at the same supermarket and it turned out *yukky too. D also bought a packet at the petrol kiosk (secretly of course.. man's ego). He realized something amiss after half a packet gone .. (what kind of tastebud is he having?).

2 packets of RHCC were returned to Jaiyen and they reimbursed us the exact amount (without hassle). Pin will get the balance of D's RHCC. Being a fussy pot, I know Pin will ask D the inevitable request "meeeoww.. nehi... meeowww".

* It's just not healthy for human consumption but for Pin I can bet you, it's scrumptious!


Anonymous said...

isk... ngerinya.. mmg dah expired ke?

CS said...

Lambat lagi nak expire tapi tulah .. ayam yg bersalut tepung tu bau masam aje and the taste is awful..