Sunday 8 March 2009

Beli groceries ...

Petang semalam ke K4 yang baru dibukak tak jauh dari rumah. K4 ni kecik sikit dari branch sebelah SubParade tu. Dah lama tak ke supermarket beli groceries dan manikam akibat kesihatan yang tak mengizinkan. Bagus gak, dapat save beberapa ribu rupiah.

The underground parking area looks gloomy and I could feel its eerieness. Something not right about it. It is advisable for the ladies to park their cars at the open space on the ground floor for security reason.

I bought non perishables only as the perishable ones didn't look fresh enough. Today's paper reported that prices of fish have gone up by 30% due to ... (haa...make a wild guess pls). That could be the reason K4 sells ikan and the likes yang hidup segan mati mau, sigh.. (u know they are not fresh by just a glance).

They have this promotion .. a bag of 10kg rice (of good quality), a big packet of instant noodles consists of 12 individual packets and a 5kg cooking oil costs at RM50 where the actual price is RM68. I was more interested to buy a bag of rice only but since it was a good bargain, I can't resist. I don't need instant noodles so much but it's OK, I can agih2kan. I don't normally buy a 5kg cooking oil but I prefer the 3kg one as it is not too heavy and easier to handle.

I like the bakery there solely because they sell baguette. Bought 2 medium size ones at RM1.60 each. Dua2 dah selamat dinikmati and hubby went there again today to buy more. Heran jugak bakeries kat sini tak semua yang jual baguette. Kengkadang nak gak jadi orang Perancis, kaan??

Ooops.. I better get ready. At 6.30 I am off to KL for a wedding reception. Janjinya dgn jiran nak pegi lepas Maghrib but dia kata tak sempat nanti. Kita dah menumpang orang, kenalah ikut. Truth is, I prefer to solat at home but I've got no choice ..


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