Tuesday 10 March 2009

Excited... (for nothing)

I was richer by RM16 after selling my old newspapers. Not long ago, it costs RM3 per jengkal but now it seems there is no demand for old newspapers so it has gone down to RM2 only. Ntah ya ntah tidak apek nih. BTW, what's 'jengkal' in English?

Coincidentally this apek hails from hubby's hometown. How I know? Hehe, I know so cos I interviewed him beberapa purnama yang lalu. I am one who like to congkel asal usul those who come in contact with me and I get excited everytime such coincidence happens. Nak wat camana dah hobby kita cam tu suka congkel2 but rest assured I am least the kepo type (ehem).. I won't ask anything personal (yg mengaibkan) but I am all ears should you want to share your ups and downs with me. It will be sealed in strict confidentiality... (as always).

Al-kisah is my blog. Blog yang tersangat simple devoid of songs and anything nice. Had it been attractive and interesting, it could have attracted readers from all over the world to hanging out here more often (miffmiff... 'all over the world'?). But hey.. having said that, I do receive a comment or two from readers (yang sudi) and that certainly made my heart bergoncang with pleasure. Thank you very much..

Thanks to A too for the nice words specifically mentioned about Somuffins in your blog (tetiba kita rasa ceria aje) and thanks to Mr L (for giving me that RED sexy dress.. ooops!).

I know too that someone misses Aunty Chombie .. hehehe.. baik lu mengaku but ehhhh, since when lu jadi jejaka tampan yang pelupa? Lu banyak makan semut ka? :-)

Talking about semut/ants, our Prophet (saw) prohibited us from killing them. Based on my observation, ants are very health conscious as nowadays they go for plain water. My steam iron is full of them but what a pity, they are dead! They died for they lack sugar in their body, kot? Dah kata awak tu patut kerumun benda yang manis, kan? Haa, kan dah??

I ni suka sangat melencong2 ek? (but you perlu percaya, lencong2 ni is part of being creative). OK back to Al-Kisah.. None of these people ever read what I write -> hubby, D&T, siblings, relatives and friends from the 'real world' other than some of 'Resort friends'. Bukan apa, I am not ready (and malu), but should they accidentally find their way here, well.. fadhal.., make yourself at home.

Why do I write both in Malay and English? In Malay because I'm a Malay naturally (though I know lots of Javanese words. Words aje) and in English because ... I just need to.

.. to be proficient in certain language, you need all these -> read, speak, write & interest. You need to have these 4 combinations to at least be good at it. For speaking out loud, I just get by with my English - enough for me to not feeling intimidated when talking with strangers, enough for me to understand what I'm reading and enough for me to at least write with confidence. I need to keep on writing in English (as I told you, I just need to). I often make use of the on-line dictionary .. it helps tremendously.

Maybe I sound mengada2 but when I write in Malay, I sometimes forgot certain words (understoodlah kan? I bukannya muda though I pun taklah tua sangat, heheh) but when I ask D or T for the right words, they will either let me know the word immediately or D will say "nengok dictionary Mi.." or T will say "Umi nihh" ..

Bertuah punya anak2, how they have forgotten who taught them the language in the first place?

OK, enough said ..


Spices of Life said...

awesome entry... wish i could as freely as your thoughts.. todays' kids in college are so bersyukur to have all the necessary gadget to do their work... they have word processor pc wht not to write term paper. oh my time how was the typewriter , im glad those are extinct...

CS said...

Thanks Azieda. My thots are always kesana kemari.. Tu sebab I dapat gelaran RatuLencong..
Typewriter? I miss my manual one. Best youu.. ada transistor radio attached to it. Goyang2 kaki sambil ketuk2 kibod.. hehe

shahirahkhairudin said...

you r not too tua yet not too muda..but ur entry really catch my interest who is not tua at all but definetely muda..haha=)

sum otha people memang berkepakaran menulis n u r da one..u share ur tot wit people in a language yg org leh faham..eventho i tak kenal u secara pandangan fizikal, tapi bace ur entry nih rase mcm tgh denga u bercerite dpn i..(sure jiwa u melonjak-lonjak ngn komen i nih..actually i'm happy to make otha people happy..bukan jek ek..ikhlas nih)

CS said...

Dear Shahirah, camana nih? I dah penat ni dari tadi I duk melonjak2 aje. I dahlah berat .. tercungap2 tau. Anyway, thanks a lot for your nice words.. (masih terlonjak & melonjak lagi nih) :-)

Dicken said...

1st, the apek didn't lie. High global energy prices pushed up costs of production and prices for pulp, paper and paperboard. That's why dulu RM3 sejengkal. Oil price has gone from a peak of $147 per barrel to about $40 now, hence the RM2 sejengkal.

2nd, semut rumah I lagi gila. Minum air kosong jugak, tapi from the kettle yang berasap2 tu. Agaknya diorang nak sauna kot.

CS said...

Thanks Dicken. I like this kind of feedback as it mencerna minda. And I agree that semut kat GretBriten memang gila2 belaka :-)