Friday 6 March 2009

Read & Digest it ...

Sometimes RD gets on my nerve with their endless marketing strategies! Sometimes too they give me false hope that I could own a VW Touareg and a substantial sums of money. All I need to do is of course to order their goods - diligently. It seems I have been on their TOP list among their loyal customers.. (kelakar taw).

Sometimes the goods they offer is worth buying. I don't buy for the sake of buying and secretly wishing I could be the lucky winner of something. As it is now, I have about 15 contest forms yet to submit. Spot the difference contest .. easy to do, isn't it? But why are the forms still stuck in my drawer? Cos I know, I have no such luck!

Most of the time I purchase books. Adalah juga a few books yang menjadi kebanggaan namely How to Write and Speak Better (konon2nya), Great Dictionary of the English Language (more for D&T), Discovery Channel Magazines and some Abba tapes (bought decades ago namun its wrapper is still intact), and the latest one is RD Select Editions (story books).

Last year I ordered the Select Editions' 1st book at RM29.90. I thought that was about all but a month ago, I received a parcel of its subsequent series - a book consists of 4 stories. I put it aside, untouched! I could just call the Customer Service (CS) to query them "what's with this book I just received? I didn't place an order, did I? Could you kindly cancel it?" but I was thinking.. OKlaah, another RM29.90 won't hurt my pocket (apa lak won't hurt? It does hurt. Kalau beli beriani kambing, tak ke kenyang tu??)... but I procrastinate sebab malas! - malas nak call diorang, bukan malas nak beli beriani kambing tau ;-)

Had I not been suddenly rajin to have tidied up my 'business' drawer, I wouldn't have terserempak with one letter from RD, still sealed. Ohhh, ohh.. this is it, an invoice to charge me RM115 for the subsequent edition. To cut the long story short, the response from the not-so-sweet-a-voice of RD CS was "Madam.. you don't have to pay us. You may keep the book. A compliment from us". Me, happy giler but maintain keseriusan "Really?? thank you".

RD reminds me a lot of Bak. Bak was an ardent fan of RD. Masa kecik2 dulu, I tak faham why he has to read a book yang borring. Buku yang boring adalah buku yang takde gambar2 menarik (or so I thought). Lagi best 'tengok' encyclopaedia sebab ada macam2 gambar. When Ndja started to read RD at a young age, I too got curious. The first thing that caught my eyes was 'Laughter is the best medicine' but sad to saylah.. the jokes didn't quite come across to me. Kesian..

Bak did order some items from RD ( father like daughter nih). One item that I vividly remember was an LP album - Down Memory Lane (songs of yesteryear). My favourite song was Mr Sandman ..

Mr Sandman, bring me a dream .. Make him the cutest that I've ever seen
Give him two lips like roses and clover .. Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over
Mr Sandman, I'm so alone .. Don't have nobody to call my own
Please turn on your magic beam .. Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream..

Dear RD ..
1. Could you stop haunting me with your letters? You perasan tak you dah tumbangkan berapa batang pokok to-date just so you could send us thick letters with bits and pieces of nonsense? Have you started to plant some trees to replace the tumbang ones? For a start, maybe you could plant lemongrass, pandanus or daun kesum. Ada gak pekdah!

2. Truth is, I am getting tired of your letters. More often than not, I would throw them unopened/unread because based on your past letters, you only print sweet nothing and not to the point. Your marketing strategy and your creative people are superb but WHY do you have to torture me with your fine prints/fonts hinggakan pedih mata nih. Would you sponser me if I do Lasik surgery? Have mercy on this aunty, ok?

3. If really you want to give me a token for being loyal, semi loyal or totally loyal to your organisation, BERI ajelah. No need to ask me to fill up forms and do Spot the Difference contest. Token tu pulak tolonglah jangan yang cikai2 macam you pernah beri. I am not brand conscious but please let it not be made in Xiandong..

4. Hoping that you'd consider my suggestions. I thank you in advance..


Spices of Life said...

my mommy is a sucker for RD.. jenuh my sister kena layan her for my mom beleives she is a winner.. but my sister is the winner amomg all siblings to have the most RD for me , i duduk jauh to layan my mommy haa haaa haa

CS said...

Hi.. but wait a minute. I dah konpius nih. Azieda is the mommy or the dara yang manis tu?
I hope your mommy is in the pink of health. How do you like my burnt pot vs your burnt pan? haha..

Spices of Life said...

i know you are confused,, i made a comment on azieda's blog using azieza's page.. yea both of us have similar names , one with d and other with z .. im the mommy one.. and the mommy i mentioned is my mom also the nenek melayu of azieza :)..i feel a lot better thank you.. at times ive my good day and less time of my not so good day

CS said...

I see... thanks for the explanation. Pls bear with me as I ni suka bertanya bila tak faham.. (chuckle)